The Activity of the APADOR-CH, 2014

Thursday - 26 February 2015
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Human Rights in Romania during 2014

In 2014, Romania had two rounds of elections – for the European Parliament and for its President. If the European election did not place any controversial issues on the public agenda, with parties preferring to count on their loyal electorate, the presidential vote polarized the society and generated heated debates. The presidential elections were marked by vote suppression, with many people living abroad being unable to exercise their right. During both rounds of election, APADOR-CH conducted information campaigns on electoral rights, misdemeanors and offences, as well as offered legal counseling to those who wished to press charges.

In terms of legislation, Romania went through a productive period in terms of laws and ordinances regulating electronic communications – the so called Big Brother laws, – aiming to mass surveillance of citizens by intelligence services, in violation of the right to privacy. All draft bills were declared unconstitutional, but the legislative process is ongoing. Alongside other organizations, APADOR-CH has constantly campaigned against these bills.

The Association continued its multi-annual projects in monitoring human rights in penitentiaries and police custody facilities. Unfortunately, the year 2014 saw several incidents where citizens were brutalized by law enforcement agents, including the death of a young man in a police station in Bucharest.

In 2014, APADOR-CH extended its network, joining international platforms with similar values and missions. The aim was to increase the impact of its activity and bring it to international level, as well as to consolidate its capacity to respond to regional challenges. Currently, APADOR-CH is part of the Fundamental Rights Agency Civil Society Platform, JUSTICIA European Rights Network and Civic Solidarity Platform.

This report presents, in short, the most important projects and achievements in 2014, as well as updates on the ongoing multi-annual programs in the fields of human rights monitoring, legal counseling and legislative advocacy. If you wish to find out more on our current activity, to joins us as a voluntary or to support us with a donation, please visit our website at

Maria-Nicoleta Andreescu

Executive director of APADOR-CH


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