The Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights sets the date for the public hearing in the case Anca Mocanu and others v. Romania

Thursday - 16 May 2013
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The Grand Chamber of 17 judges of the European Court of Human Rights set that the public hearing in the case Anca Mocanu and others v. Romania (the file on the 13-15 June 1990 events in Bucharest) is to take place on 2 October 2013.

The case regards 3 joint applicantions, related to the events of June 1990, and was initally decided by a Chamber of 7 judges which, on 13 November 2012, held that the Romanian State is responsible for:
• the violation of Article 2 (right to life) of the European Convention on Human Rights, under procedural limb, due to the lack of effectivness of the investigations into the death of Anca Mocanu’s husband
• the violation of Article 6.1 as regards the Association 21 December 1989 due to the lenght of criminal proceedings, in which the applicant association was an injured party and claimed compensation.

As regards the applicant Marin Stoica, who was subjected to ill treatment on 13-15 June 1990, the ECHR held that Article 3 of the Convention was not violated, due to the dealy in submitting his criminal complaint to the authorities (in 2001).

Mr. Stoica, supported by an APADOR-CH lawyer, requested the case be reffered to the Grand Chamber of the ECHR. His requested was accepted by a panel of 5 judges on 29 April 2013, which will lead to a retrail of the merits of the case.

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