Legal norms

APADOR-CH actively participated in commenting the draft law on transparent decision making, which was passed in 2003 (Law 52/2003)

After the law was passed, APADOR-CH monitored how this law was implemented in practice. APADOR-CH monitored 93 state bodies, both local and central, in 16 counties. APADOR-CH carried out this work together with 15 other NGO’s. In 2007 the people involved in this project visited at least once a week over the course of 16 weeks, and had public meetings with their assigned authority as well as their website. They checked if state authorities made public announcements regarding proposed legislation, public hearings, and consultations.

Their research revealed that only 60% of monitored bodies had a functioning web site. 80% don’t announce when they have public meetings, and when they pass legislation they don’t really hold public discussions.

The main problem is that there are no sanctions in place for those who do not respect this law.  APADOR-CH has been pushing for modifications to the law and at one point there were two proposals in parliament but the proposals failed when parliament changed.