Know and claim your rights!

Monday - 8 June 2015
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The project Know and claim your rights will consolidate the human rights protection system in Romania. On one hand it aims at a better understanding regarding the main concerns of the larger public concerning the human rights protection system (national sociological study). On the other hand it aims to develop the capacity to know and claim individual rights through the consolidation of the website.
Furthermore, it will develop the capacity of a network of 10 NGOs to protect the rights of their beneficiaries by learning to use legal means before national judicial bodies and the ECHR system. Also, it will improve the knowledge of 50 legal professionals (judges, prosecutors, lawyers) regarding the human rights protection system enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights. In collaboration with the Norwegian partners the project will contribute to the improvement of the system of implementation of the ECHR rulings in Romania, through an analysis of the de facto situation, a comparative study with the Norwegian equivalent mechanism and the implementation of a pilot advocacy strategy.