19 NGOs ask for a public debate on the final draft bill for revising the Constitution

Monday - 3 February 2014
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19 NGOs ask for a public debate on the final draft bill for revising the Constitution


The signatory organizations ask the Joint Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate in charge with drafting the revised Constitution of Romania to use the good practices provided by Law no. 52/2003 on transparency and to place the current form of the draft Constitution under public debate, for at least 30 days after publication.

The current form of the draft law, including observations from both the Legislative Council and the Venice Commission, has not been published. So the public only has access to a series of clandestine and unverified versions.

Since this is not some secret weapon, but a draft law to review the national constitution, the signatory organizations consider that keeping it secret and refusing public debate is totally unjustified.

The signatories remind that the principles of transparency and public consultation are essential to the normal functioning of a democratic society. Therefore, they ask the Parliament to observe these crucial principles of a state of law and place the updated draft Constitution in front of the society, for a real debate.

The Association for the Defence of Human Rights in Romania – Helsinki Committee


Romani CRISS


Spiritual Militia Civic Movement

EPAS Association


LADO Timiş

The Resource Center for Public Participation – CeRe

The Association for Technology and the Internet – ApTI


TERRA Mileniul III

The National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania – ANOSR

The Agency for Community Development “Impreuna” (“Together”)

The Center for Independent Journalism

ActiveWatch – Press Monitoring Agency


The SOROS Foundation

The National Association of Citizen Counseling Offices – ANBCC

The Romanian Center for European Policies – CRPE

The Raţiu Center for Democracy

ACCEPT Association


The Ecopolis Center for Sustainable Policies

The Romanian Group for the Defence of Human Rights – GRADO