Fair Trials International training

Tuesday - 17 June 2014
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During the period May 2014 – April 2016 APADOR-CH is running a project coordinated by the Fair Trials International, an NGO based in London.

The project is called „Practitioner Training on Roadmap Directive” and is funded by the European Commission.

Other partners in this project are: the Helsinki Committee in Poland, Hungarian Helsinki Committee, Human Rights Monitoring Institute in Lithuania and the Centre for European Constitutional Law in Greece.

The project aims to better inform the lawyers on the EU directives that establish the procedural rights of the defendant. Within this project there will be created a series of informative materials with respect to this goal. Also, within the scope of this project several training sessions will be organized on the applicability of this Directive.

Lawyers in Romania will be able to participate in such a training session in the second half of 2015. We will offer more details on the matter in due time. We will also help distribute informative materials as they are made.

You can find here information on EU directives that establish procedural rights for defendants.