An institution for each human right

Thursday - 6 April 2017
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The problem that this project aims to tacle is the lack of a systematic approach to monitoring and public institutions established to defend human rights.


1. Assessment of human rights system in Romania

1.1 Mapping of all public institutions of human rights existing in Romania (minimum 5) with consultation of at least 10 NGOs. They will be analyzed from the point of view of the industry, specific powers and duties during 3 months.

1.2 Develop and implement an evaluation system of public institutions working in the field of human rights with the involvement of at least 10 NGOs and citizens 1000, during 5 months

At least 10 NGOs and 1000 citizens will be directly involved in project activities and over 10.000 people will be informed about project results and activities. At least 100 representatives of relevant actors (authorities of parties) will be selected by the working group to be the main targets of the advocacy campaign.

The project will last for 12 months. The total budget is RON 60 000, of which RON 54 000 represent the requested amount and RON 6000 the contribution of APADOR-CH.