APADOR-CH asks for the Special Telecommunication Service (STS) to be aboliched

Wednesday - 22 January 2014
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APADOR-CH points out that ever since 2006, when the Association prepared a set of observations on the national security legislative package, it publicly asked for the termination of the Special Telecommunication Service (STS), which failed to justify its existence as an independent military structure classified as a secret/intelligence service of the national defense system.

One of the reasons for the Association’s request, aside from saving public money, was the risk of a lack of coordination among the multitude of secret services in the country in the case of a genuine special situation.

The events that followed the plane crash on January 20, 2014, when mobile call tracing localized survivors wrecked in a mountainous area with an approximation of several scores of kilometers, demonstrated once again the uselessness of the STS as a special telecommunication structure assimilated to a secret/intelligence service.

APADOR-CH considers that the STS must be transformed from an intelligence unit into a technical unit, subordinated either to the Information Society Ministry or to the Government. The funds saved by this transformation should be used in the interest of the citizens, such as health or education.

Maria-Nicoleta Andreescu
APADOR-CH executive director