Thursday - 29 November 2012
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APADOR-CH sent every candidate in the December 9 elections for the Romanian Parliament a set of 30 questions on relevant issues of public interest and asked them to answer them in reasonable time, similar to the 10 day term provided by Law no. 544/2001 on free access to public information.

The questionnaire includes questions regarding the following themes:

– the enforcement at national level of the rights provided by the European Convention on Human Rights;

– solving the restitution issue in the case of buildings confiscated in 1945-1989;

– prohibiting any business activity for MPs and other public officers;

– helping the social reinsertion of former convicts;

– introducing a legal ceiling for moral damages;

– the statue of the public television (TVR) and public radio (România Actualităţi and the others);

– the control of the activity of intelligence services;

– the amendment of the national security law;

– the demilitarization of the intelligence services;

– the possibility that the press may represent threat/vulnerability for national security;

– the right of persons under surveillance (interception of phone calls, video surveillance, bugging etc.) to be informed, in writing, right after the cessation of the operation;

– the role of the National Audiovisual Council (CNA);

– the right of persons deprived of freedom after the administrative measure of being led to the police station;

– new regulations for public gatherings.

The questionnaire was e-mailed to the candidates and is available on the Association’s website, accessible to everyone, including candidates who haven’t received it yet but wish to respond.

All the answers will be published on the APADOR-CH website, as soon as they arrive. Also, the Association will publish the list of candidates who were sent the questionnaire alongside the list of those who did not answer.

APADOR-CH points out that among its interests is the way the right to free elections is observed in Romania . According to Article 3 of the Additional Protocol to the European Convention, this right also includes the freedom of expression for citizens, regarding the election of the legislative body.

In order to be able to freely express their opinions, citizens need to be informed and receive answers on punctual issues of public interest, ones that would show the convictions and attitudes of candidates and of their political organizations. Such information cannot come from election flyers only.

For further details: Maria-Nicoleta Andreescu, APADOR-CH expert, mobile 0733.078.721